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A Happy Life

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Mental Health!


Learn how to make each interaction with your child count.

When should you stop letting your child sleep in your bed? Our experts weigh in.

Our trained professionals can help provide support to you and your loved ones.  Counseling is available for individuals, children, families or couples.


Individual, Children, Couples, Groups and Family Supports


Thumb Area Psychological Services

We provide researched based, intensive tutoring for children who need reading or math interventions.  Our tutors are professional educators and overseen by a school psychologist.

We  provide cutting edge Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)  interventions for children with Autism by a team of specialist including a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  The team also provides services for families with children not diagnosed with Autism.

We provide structured low cost groups such as anger management, parenting, teen topics, and marriage.  We also offer a free location for local support groups.


Tutoring Services 

Play time!

Learn about the restorative power of sleep for growing children.


ABA Services

Group Services

What Can I do?

Can't afford services or counseling?

We offer a sliding scale for anyone who can't afford help.  Come talk to us... we will make sure you get the help you need.